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What to expect when recovering from Breast Augmentation

Are you wondering what you will and won’t be able to do after you’ve had Breast Augmentation surgery? We’ve put together a timeline for you, so that you can see at a glance when you’ll be able to resume your favourite activities.

Straight after surgery

The very last step in your augmentation surgery is the insertion of a special numbing solution (developed by Dr Mayson himself that allows you to wake up comfortable and without any pain.

Spend 2 hours in recovery, where we’ll keep an eye on you as you come out of anaesthesia.

Initial restrictions

There are some activity and clothing restrictions that protect your breasts as they heal:

  • No underwire bras – they can indent the breast and cause irritation on the healing wound.
  • Backpack straps need to avoid the breast area – if you’re travelling after surgery, a light wheeled suitcase may be a better option.
  • Dressings must not get wet – half-body or sponge washing only until stitches are removed 10 days later. No showers, full-body baths, spas, or swimming during this period.
  • Minimal exercise at first.
  • Any activity that puts pressure on the breasts – sleeping on your front, having your breasts squeezed & some lovemaking positions – will need to be avoided while you heal. Gentle touch is OK however.
  • No mouth-to-nipple contact for the first 6 months as this could send your partner’s normally harmless mouth bacteria down your nipple ducts and infect the implant.

2 hours after surgery

Once you’ve received the all-clear from recovery, you can go home!

8 hours after surgery

8-10 hours later, the numbing solution will start to wear off – we’ll recommend specific pain relievers to use for around 4 days afterwards.

1 day after surgery

Air travel is permitted with limitations as your doctor will explain. 

5 days after surgery

No more pain relief! While you might feel some twinges in the area for about a month, you shouldn’t need pain relief after the initial 4 days.

11 days after surgery

Your stitches come out. Now you’ll be able to have full-body showers and baths, and gentle swimming is permitted too. You can return to work, as long as your duties are light and don’t require any lifting or heavy walking or running.

3 weeks after surgery

You can do lower body work (excluding treadmill) at the gym. Gentle walking, exercise bike and leg exercises are OK.

6-8 weeks after surgery

Once you get the all-clear, you can resume upper body gym work.  More intense walking and running regimes can be resumed (or started) now.

3 months after surgery

Your implants have settled by now, and you can resume wearing an underwire bra.

4 months after surgery

Your breasts are mostly healed now, and pressure on the breasts – lying on your front sleeping or making love are no longer a no-no.

6 months after surgery

Full healing! You don’t have to worry about contact that might cause an infection anymore – mouth-to-nipple contact is now permitted!


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