Tuberous Breasts


….. reshape your breasts and regain your confidence!

Tuberous Breasts range in severity from mild to severe but whatever their degree, their appearances can be dramatically improved by a variety of surgical techniques and allow you to no longer feel self-conscious when topless or in intimate situations.

Tuberous Breasts are also known by a variety of less common names including Hypoplastic Breasts, Constricted Breasts and Tubular Breasts. It is a congenital condition that first makes its appearance in teenage women and it can affect one or both breasts.  Tuberous Breasts can even reduce milk supplies when breast-feeding.

Tuberous Breasts

The condition arises as the result of a congenital malformation of connective tissue that causes breasts to be typically small and pointed in shape with the following features:

  • ‘Puffy’ areolas (the pigmented circles around the nipples).
  • Minimal breast tissue, sometimes with sag.
  • Constricted lower breast poles.
  • A higher-than-normal infra-mammary fold.
  • Wide spacing between the breasts.

How is the correction done?

The correction of Tuberous Breasts can be achieved by any one of several surgical techniques depending on the specific features of each patient’s deformity. The procedure is always performed in a Licensed Hospital under General Anaesthesia and usually takes between 2 and 4 hours depending on the technique required and whether one or both breasts need correction.

Stay in hospital is not always necessary. If your Surgeon does not require you to stay in hospital, you can go home 1-2 hours after your procedure but you cannot go home alone. You must be accompanied by a responsible adult and also have someone at home with you during the first 24 hours.

If, however, you need to stay in hospital overnight, you can go home the following day after our Surgeon checks you.

Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous Breasts Before & After Photos

Tuberous Breasts Before and After Images
Tuberous Breasts Before and After Images
Tuberous Breasts Before and After Images
Tuberous Breasts Before and After Images
Tuberous Breasts Before and After Images

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Cost of Tuberous Breasts Correction

Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous Breasts Correction

Surgical Fee $8,000 – $10,000 depending on the technique required.

Additional costs include Hospital Fee, Anaesthetist Fee and any Implants required.

Our Surgeon will provide an itemised quotation at your Initial Consultation once it has been decided which technique is required and which implants, if any, you have chosen.

Follow-up appointments for up to 6 months are included.

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Payment Plans 

We accept payments from various independent finance providers including 

Handypay & Total Lifestyle Credit (TLC


If you need to finance all or part of your procedure, National Regulations require that you must source your own funding through a bank or any number of Medical Loan Providers such as the above easily found by searching on Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Tuberous Breasts Surgery involve?

Tuberous Breast Correction is a surgical procedure performed by a variety of techniques in a Licensed hospital under General Anaesthesia.

How long does the surgery take?

This will depend on the actual technique required. Your surgeon will be able to answer this at your Initial Consultation.

Do I have to stay in hospital?

Usually not, but sometimes an overnight stay may be required. If so, you can return home the next day after our Surgeon checks you.

What is the recovery time?

Generally, 2-3 weeks depending on the type and extent of your surgery.

What will the scars look like and do they eventually disappear?

The scars depend on the technique performed. If the deformity can be corrected through an incision under the breast as in the before/after photos above, you will only have a small scar in the fold under each breast. Although no surgical scars ever completely disappear, they do progressively fade and become less conspicuous over time.

What contributes to the total cost of the surgery?

The total cost of your breast surgery will be made up of the Surgeon’s Fee, the Anaesthetist’s Fee and the Hospital charges – and each of these individual costs will depend on the length of your surgery. Although we can offer you an average total fee before any consultation, it is only after our Surgeon has seen you and assessed what needs to be done, and how long it will take, that we can give you an accurate quotation.

Can I claim part of my costs on Medicare & Private Health Insurance?

Once again, the answer to this will only be possible when our Surgeon has determined what needs to be done. If the proposed technique does have a Medicare Item number, you may be eligible for a partial Medicare Rebate on both the Surgeon’s Fee and the Anaesthetist’s Fee. Additionally, if you have qualified for a Medicare Item Number and you also hold Private Hospital Insurance, you may also be eligible to claim a portion of your Hospital Fee depending on your Fund and Level of Cover.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.