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What Price Should I Be Paying for a Breast Augmentation?

So you’re interested in a Breast Augmentation. You’ve come to this point and you soon realise there’s an array of competition out there vying for your attention and hard-earned dollars and you wonder…. What price SHOULD I be paying...

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Great looking breasts start with quality consultations

One of the key points that people often miss when it comes to Breast Augmentation Surgery is the Initial Consultation. Many cheaper clinics rush people through, offering simple cookie-cutter options and pushing for immediate decisions. But just like any...

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Breast Lift Sydney

Understanding When You Will Need A Breast Lift & Not Just A Breast Augmentation Gravity affects us all Gravity affects us all – causing parts of our body to sag over the years. Breasts, sitting up perkily as they...

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Which type of breast implant is right for you?

So you are interested in getting a breast enlargement? Which breast implants should you choose? This is an important decision and no doubt you are feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety about it. In this article we provide...

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The Most Common Reasons Women Choose Breast Implants

There are a lot of reasons that women choose Breast Augmentation. Purely out of interest and curiosity, we decided to survey the top four reasons why our patients chose to have breast implants.  They were: 1. “To wear my...

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7 Reasons NOT to get Breast Implants

While there are a number of great reasons to get breast implants, it’s important to remember that there are also some good reasons to not get them. Here’s our list of seven reasons to reconsider having breast implants done....

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