‘Dual Plane’ Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants are placed partly ‘Under the Breast’ & partly ‘Under the Muscle’

Dual Plane Placement is preferred in cases where there is early sagging of the breasts but not enough to require ‘Lift’ Surgery. Although the same degree of ‘lift’, if not more, could be achieved by placing the implant entirely ‘in front of the muscle’, the advantage of this technique is that positioning the upper half of the implant ‘under the muscle’ helps to hide the obvious ‘step’ at the top of the implant which could otherwise occur if the implant was placed entirely ‘in front of the muscle’ in a woman with thin tissue coverage.

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Please be aware that the photographs show the results of individual patients, that results in Breast Augmentation do vary with each individual and that there is no guarantee that other persons will experience the same or similar result.

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