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Are you being offered the best Breast Augmentation Incision options?

There are a number of different choices that should be available to patients when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. One of those choices is the placement of the incision through which the implant will be inserted. This might come as a surprise to you – after all, most surgeons make the incision under the breast but there are other options  available that may be a better choice for you.
What options are available?

There are four incision sites that can be used:

• Under the breast
• In the armpit
• Under the nipple
• In the navel



When not to go with the standard under-breast incision site.

For most patients, the under-breast incision is fine. It provides easy access for the surgeon, and any size or shape of implant can be inserted through it. But there are also negatives: the scar can be 5-6cm long, and while it’s generally not visible while your torso is upright, it might be visible when lying down or reclining. If your body is prone to thick or raised scars, this could significantly mar an otherwise lovely new breast appearance. Also, if you have darker or Asian skin,  you have a higher risk of developing pigmented brown  scars.

Which incision site does Dr Mayson recommend?

The only site that Dr Mayson doesn’t offer is the navel approach. While it provides for a very discreet and distantly-located scar, it is only suitable for saline implants and it can also cause grooves under the abdominal skin where the instruments have passed.

Otherwise, incision site recommendations are based on clients’ own preferences and the type of implant selected. For example, Dr Mayson might recommend an armpit incision for a model who doesn’t want a visible scar. On the other hand, a patient wanting a ‘Tear-Drop’ Shape Silicone Implants, would require an under-breast incision.

Want more information?

Find out more about the different incision sites – and their advantages and disadvantages – with our article: Breast Augmentation Incisions.

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