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Why you need AT LEAST 2 weeks prep time for a Breast Augmentation

Many clinics are offering quick turnarounds for breast augmentations these days: come in for a chat, then turn up a day or two later for the actual surgery.  While this might sound like good service, it’s usually the exact opposite. Cutting down preparation time before surgery can have serious negative effects on the outcomes for your surgery.

Let’s explore the main reasons why it’s important to prepare fully.


A good clinic will perform pre-operative tests to check that your body is fit for anaesthesia and surgery. This includes a minimum of blood tests. Depending on your medical history, other tests might also be performed – for example, to check heart and lung function. Eliminating these tests when indicated is dangerous because it increases the risks of complications with anaesthesia.

Diet and medication

A range of common medications, supplements, and foods can thin your blood. These include ibuprofen (Nurofen), garlic, Vitamin E, fish oil, and aspirin. When your blood is thinner, it doesn’t clot as easily, meaning any bleeding during surgery can become life-threatening. You’ll need to avoid any blood-thinning agents for at least two weeks before your surgery.

Cooling-off period

Having time to read and think about all of the information that we give you is an important part in making the best decision for you and your body. One or two days isn’t long enough to think it through carefully and discuss with loved ones.

Ordering implants

Most clinics don’t keep a full supply of all possible implants that might be chosen by patients. At least a week is generally needed to ensure delivery by the date of surgery. Clinics that rush people through surgery may be using  bulk-bought implants on their patients, rather than offering them a full choice and ordering in the best  shape and size for that patient.


If you’re a smoker, you’ll need to avoid cigarettes for two weeks before surgery. If you skip this step, your body won’t be able to heal itself as efficiently as it otherwise would, and your recovery will be longer and more difficult.


You’ll need to avoid alcohol for three days before your surgery. Your immune system is important in fighting off  infections that might hamper your recovery from the surgery.


Don’t be taken in by clinics who are more interested in your money than your well-being. Look for a clinic that takes your health seriously and insists on at least two weeks between your first consultation and your surgery.

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