Virtual Consultation for a Breast Augmentation

Booking Your Consultation at Breast Excellence

What you need to know about booking a consultation at Breast Excellence:

Your Consultation Process

At Breast Excellence, we believe the most important step in achieving the result you’re looking for, is a lengthy, detailed consultation with one of our experienced Surgeons.

This is where we get to know you as a person, listen to your concerns and what you’d like to achieve. At the same time, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the breast procedure you’ve come to see us about so you are then able to make informed decisions. And, if your interest is a Breast Augmentation, our Surgeon will take many breast and chest measurements to work out which implant styles you’re able to consider, and finally, get you to insert those implants, one at a time, into a crop-top to choose the one you feel will give you the ‘look’ you’re after.

This is by far the best way to choose implants. 3-D Simulation Technology is never as reliable as inserting your actual choice of implants into a crop-top.

All this takes time and cannot be rushed. That is purely why we devote 2 hours to every Breast Augmentation consultation!

What To Expect

On arrival, you will be greeted by one of our very warm and caring staff members. With plenty of time allocated for your consultation, rest assured you will have ample opportunity to ask all your questions. And, before you leave, one of our Clinical Advisors will prepare a pack for you that will include such things as an Information Brochure that will recap what you learned during your consultation as well as an itemised quotation and financing information should you wish to explore this option.

Should you wish, our Clinical Advisor can include possible dates for surgery but rest assured that you will never feel pressured to make a booking at this time.

How We Are Unique

We appreciate that many of our potential patients ring different clinics, visit many websites and try to research what is going to be best for them.

If only it was that easy!

Always remember that you are not purchasing a product that you can compare prices on. Instead, you should be choosing your Surgeon based on their experience, expertise and reputation in the very procedure you’re interested in having.

This is why we offer:

  • Up to 2 Hour Consultations to design your individual surgery; and
  • A Customised Approach for Each Patient – not a ‘one technique fits all’; and
  • Many Implant Brands to choose from, not just one or two; and
  • We offer all techniques and all breast implant positions – whichever is going to deliver the best ‘look’ for you.

SPECIAL OFFER: All our unique 2-Hour Consultations are $165 (normally $330) and valid until the end of the month.

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