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Great looking breasts start with quality consultations

One of the key points that people often miss when it comes to Breast Augmentation Surgery is the Initial Consultation. Many cheaper clinics rush people through, offering simple cookie-cutter options and pushing for immediate decisions. But just like any medical procedure, to get the best results, you need to know exactly what you’re signing up for – and make the decisions that are best for you, rather than best for someone else’s business.

What should an entire quality consultation include?

There are a number of key elements to a great Breast Augmentation Consultation. Let’s look at them:

  • Expertise. You should be talking to an expert – in other words, a surgeon rather than a Nurse or Salesperson. The Surgeon who’ll be performing your Breast Augmentation should be the person doing your entire consultation.
  • Time. Your consultation should take as long as required to ensure you get all the information necessary to make informed choices about implant types and shapes, where to put the incisions, whether the implants should go ‘in front of’ or ‘under the muscle’, and so on. Then you need enough time in an unrushed manner to choose the implant size you prefer by comparing all possible sizes in a crop-top. This is by far the best way to choose the right implant and it is the way we do all our consultations.
  • No Pressure. Any consultant who pushes you to sign on the dotted line for surgery immediately after your consultation isn’t putting your best interests first. Be very wary of these scenarios.  Ideally, you should be given time to digest all the information you were given as well as the option to return at no charge and confirm you made the right implant choice.
  • Choices. You should be given all your options regarding the procedure itself, the type of implants suitable for your breast measurements, and much more.  If your surgeon doesn’t give you choices but instead offers only one technique or only one brand of implant, ask yourself ‘why’ – is it because they only know one technique or use only one brand of implant? Don’t settle for claims like, “these implants are the very best, so that’s all we use.”  Every patient is different.  Expect to see, feel, and try on a range of shapes, brands and textures.  You should be able to get whichever option best suits you, not just what they have in stock.  And ideally, the surgeon should have all sizes in whichever brand available for you to try on, not just a select few.
  • Risks and Other Information. It might be a bit overwhelming, but it’s very important that you get as much information about the procedure and what you can expect during and afterwards. This includes any risks involved.
  • Pre-Operative Tests. This is another area that some clinics don’t bother about. However, we like to confirm before performing your procedure that you are fit and healthy to undergo anaesthesia and surgery by way of pre-operative blood tests plus any other medical checks that might be indicated by your medical history.

Want more information?

If you’d like to know more about how Breast Excellence Australia conducts its consultations, read more at About Your  Initial Consultation.

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Our Clinic Manager says: “It’s not the quantity you do, but the quality you deliver!” Since 1999 and over 2,000 Breast Augmentations, our Certified Cosmetic Surgeon at Breast Excellence, Dr George Mayson, has a 100% Safety Record with not a single adverse event during surgery. As further testimony to our high standards of surgery and patient care is the fact that Dr Mayson has never had a single case of litigation, or even threatened litigation, over his entire professional career.

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