Your Complete Guide To Breast Augmentation & How To Avoid Making The Wrong Choices!


Breast Excellence is a Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic established over 20 years ago and still known for its ‘Beautiful Breasts, Not Just Bigger’!

Our patients tell us that the primary reason they chose our Clinic over others is our ‘Amazing Before/After Photo Galleries’ and the fact that we provide a ‘2-Hour Consultation To Design Each Patient’s Individual Surgery’. 

Currently, there are many doctors and clinics offering Cosmetic Breast Surgery at widely varying prices. At one end of the spectrum, there are what I refer to as the ‘Cheap Clinics’ offering Breast Augmentations for less than $5,000 by cutting corners such as your time in theatre, using cheaper implants, or engaging trainee surgeons. This is how they are able to offer surgery at such a reduced price. Then, at the other end of the spectrum, there are the ‘Instafamous Doctors’ charging over-the-top prices and whose results, I believe, don’t justify the price.

Interestingly, the great majority of our patients is made up of women between those two extremes on the price spectrum – be they single, married, career women, young Mums and older Mums who are more discerning and are looking for ‘Quality’ at a ‘Value-For-Money Price.’ They tell us that this is something they have been thinking about for a long time and they appreciate the extraordinary lengths we go to in our Consultations to help them choose the implants that will best deliver the ‘look’ they’re after. Our philosophy has always been to deliver results that look ‘Natural’ and avoid the ‘Stuck-On-Look’ we see so often from others.

In other words, our aim is always to create breasts that ‘Look Great, Not Fake’. We also are one of the very few clinics that offer the Trans-Axillary (Armpit Incision) Approach which avoids any tell-tale scar on or under the breast!

Our highly-experienced Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons offer the full spectrum of Cosmetic Breast Surgery procedures including Breast Augmentation, Breast Uplift, Breast Reduction, Implant Replacements, Tuberous Breast Correction and all types of Corrective Breast & Nipple Surgery.

So, whatever type of Cosmetic Breast Surgery you are seeking, we have the expertise to help you.