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The Most Common Reasons Women Choose Breast Implants

There are a lot of reasons that women choose Breast Augmentation. Purely out of interest and curiosity, we decided to survey the top four reasons why our patients chose to have breast implants.  They were:

1. “To wear my favourite style of clothes and bikinis”

We find that many women with smaller breasts would like to wear bikinis, halter tops, and other form-flattering tops and dresses – but find that while they might fit perfectly elsewhere, they tend to be too large and wrinkle/bag unattractively over the chest.

2. “To feel more feminine”

For a lot of women, breasts are the absolute essence of femininity.  Women who are seeking to feel more feminine and attain a more shapely set of curves from shoulder to hip often opt for breast implants to provide that extra curvaceousness.

3. “To look like I did before I had children and breast fed”

Having children is a wonderful experience, and many women don’t regret carrying and breast-feeding their babies one iota.  However, it’s a sad fact of life that pregnancy and breastfeeding can really do a number on your body, adding but then removing a large amount of breast tissue. This results in a rather ‘deflated’ sort of look of the breasts and which some women seek to repair with a breast augmentation. This can plump up the breasts and restore them to a fuller, more attractive appearance.

4. “To feel sexy and more attractive”

Quite a few of our patients have come to us because they wanted a boost to their self-confidence through a fairly simple change in their appearance. Breast augmentation can be a great boost for these women by delivering a sexier figure and the confidence to try new outfits – and new adventures!

See our before and after galleries for more details of how our patients have transformed.

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