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Cheap Breast
Augmentation Surgery
Breast Augmentations by
Breast Excellence
Typical Advertised Costs TOTAL: $5,800 to $6,500 TOTAL: $9,900*

(*Round Silicone Implants, ‘In Front of the Muscle’ Position,  Incision Under The Breast, One Hour Hospital Theatre Time)

Consultations Usually 20-30 minutes; sometimes by a Nurse or Sales Consultant with only a brief ‘look in’ by the Doctor, sometimes only Online or Skype Consultations which won’t allow measurements! Usually 2 hours and entirely by the Doctor who’ll do your surgery; many chest & breast measurements are taken to design and customise your surgery.
What You Get For Your Money
  1. Experience of the Surgeon in Breast Augmentation is not always known or guaranteed.
  2. Surgical Technique: Usually limited to whichever is the simplest and quickest – almost always via the crease under the breast and implants ‘in front of the muscle’.
  3. Hospital Theatre Fees (time based): Surgery often performed as quickly as 1 hour to keep the Theatre Cost & Anaesthetist Fees low.
  4. Anaesthetist Fees: a lower Anaesthetic Fee could reflect a cheaper Anaesthetist or only 1 hour of surgery.
  5. Implants: Low prices nearly always mean ROUND Implants, often in the less expensive brands, sometimes chosen on the basis of negotiated bulk-ordering discounts.
  2. Surgical Technique: Whichever is the best for each patient – through the crease under the breast, via the armpit (Trans-Axillary), or around the nipple (Peri-Areolar).
  3. Hospital Theatre Fees: (time-based). We will never rush your surgery. We always allocate 1-2 hours to perform your surgery meticulously.
  4. We use only Senior Specialist Anaesthetists for maximum patient comfort and safety.
  5. Implants: We are not brand loyal. We will use whichever brand, type, shape and size of implant that will deliver the best result for each patient.
Duration of Surgery Typically 1 hour:
Quick surgery > increased risks of complications & deformities; drains often inserted to drain ongoing bleeding.
1 – 2 hours.
Meticulously performed surgery; drains almost never used as we stop all bleeding points before inserting the implants.
3-D Simulation Technology Unreliable at accurately predicting final results. Final result is rarely the same as the Simulation. Gives patients false expectations of how they’re going to look. We won’t use 3-D Simulations. We prefer to be more accurate by giving patients the actual implants to insert into a bra. No Simulation Technology can ever beat that!
The ‘Rapid Recovery Technique’ Widely promoted to increase a clinic’s appeal by claiming patients can resume normal activities in 24-48 hours or even go out to dinner the same night! Considered by us a ridiculous claim and a ‘marketing ploy’ simply to attract patients.
We have performed the identical technique for over 20 years and not one of our patients has gone out to dinner the same night! Surgery is surgery and the tissues need time to heal!