Your Unique 2-Hour Initial Consultation

We believe that a consultation like the one we provide at Breast Excellence can’t really be really appreciated until you’ve had it! Unlike some Clinics where the major part of the consultation is conducted by a Nurse or other employee with only a brief ‘look in’ by the surgeon, your ENTIRE CONSULTATION with us will be with the doctor who’ll be doing your surgery!

Why we allocate 2 hours:


  • You need to be fully informed on all aspects of Breast Augmentation before deciding to proceed.
  • You must have all the background information so you can make the right choices for your body.
  • We need to go through your past and present medical history to ensure you have no pre-existing contra-indications to anaesthetics or surgery.
  • We then take a detailed breast history.
  • We take many detailed chest and breast measurements that will help to plan and design your surgery.
  • Based on those many measurements, we hand you the various implants that suit your measurements for you to insert into a crop-top one by one and see in a mirror which ‘look’ you like best. This is by far the best way to choose implants!
  • Once you have chosen your implants, we give you a detailed and itemised quotation.
  • Finally, we’ll give you our detailed Information Booklet titled ‘Breast Augmentation’ to take home. This means you don’t have to worry about forgetting something covered at the consultation as the booklet will recap all that information and more!

This methodical approach is how we create beautiful breasts as opposed to just ‘bigger breasts’!  It’s not about inserting just any implant that makes your breasts look bigger.  It should be about your breasts looking great regardless of size and definitely not fake!

We hope to see you soon!