Our Safety Record

Our Clinic Manager says: “It’s not the quantity you do, but the quality you deliver!”

Since 1999 and over 1,600 breast augmentations, our Chief Cosmetic Surgeon at Breast Excellence, Dr George Mayson, has a 100% Safety Record with not a single adverse incident during surgery.

As further testimony to our high standards of surgery and patient care is the fact that Dr Mayson has never had a single case of litigation, or even threatened litigation, over his entire professional career.

Media reports of two young women since January 2015 being rushed by ambulance to Hospital Emergency Departments from a cosmetic surgery clinic after suffering cardiac arrests have prompted an enquiry by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission into that clinic’s alleged inappropriate use of local anaesthetics.

How can such near-fatal complications occur?

One reason is that if premises are not licensed for General Anaesthesia, pain relief during surgery must largely rely on local anaesthetic drugs.  And because Breast Augmentation is as invasive as it is, excessive amounts of local anaesthetic drugs may be administered to prevent the patient from moving or wriggling from pain during the procedure. 

Any such excessive use of local anaesthetic drugs can quickly lead to local anaesthetic toxicity and in turn precipitate a cardiac arrest or convulsion.  In contrast, in Breast Augmentations performed under General Anaesthesia, only minimum amounts of local anaesthetics are used and so complications such as the ones reported in the media can be avoided.

This is precisely why we always perform our procedures under the safety of general anaesthesia in a hospital setting with a specialist anaesthetist in constant attendance.

Our unwavering high standards are the very reasons that we have to date not witnessed a single adverse event during surgery.

Don’t risk your health or your life by having breast augmentation under local anaesthesia and sedation – it’s simply not worth the risk.

Nothing beats quality and safety, not even the cheapest price!


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