Our Safety Record

Our Clinic Manager says: “It’s not the quantity you do, but the quality you deliver!”

Since 1998 and over 2,000 Breast Augmentations, our Certified Cosmetic Surgeon at Breast Excellence, Dr George Mayson, has a 100% Safety Record with never a single adverse event during surgery.

As further testimony to our high standards of surgery and patient care, is the fact that Dr Mayson has never had a single case of litigation in any area of surgery over his entire professional career.


Frequently Asked Questions

Safety in Breast Augmentation Surgery is determined by all of the following factors:

  • The experience of the Surgeon and Anaesthetist
  • Pre-operative investigations to confirm you are fit and healthy to undergo surgery and anaesthesia
  • A high standard of Post-operative care.
  • Availability of your surgeon after surgery, both immediate and long-term – a feature absent after returning from overseas surgery.
  • The use of only high-quality breast implants. Heavily-discounted surgery or cheap overseas surgery could mean cheaper implants.
  • Avoiding “quick” surgery times. Discounted surgery being rushed to fit within 1 hour of total theatre time is not consistent with careful, meticulous surgery.
  • The avoidance of cheap discounted surgery, either in Australia or overseas.

Our Clinic has been performing Cosmetic Breast Surgery for over 20 years and holds a distinguished reputation in this field.
Our Clinic has a 100% Safety Record with not a single adverse event during surgery in over 20 years in Cosmetic Breast Surgery. Moreover, our Chief Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr George Mayson has never had a single case of litigation in any area of surgery, breast or otherwise, over his entire professional career.

  • Dr George Mayson, Certified Cosmetic Surgeon
  • Dr Sawjin Tew, Specialist Plastic Surgeon
  • Dr Bobby Kumar, Certified Cosmetic Surgeon
  • Dr Georgina Konrat, Certified Cosmetic Surgeon


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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