Breast Augmentation Melbourne

Our Principal Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr George Mayson, has established an enviable reputation in Melbourne for delivering beautiful but still natural-looking Breast Augmentations under the highest and safest standards.

If you’re currently considering Breast Augmentation in Melbourne, here are 5 Reasons to choose Breast Excellence Melbourne:

  • Our Surgeons: Dr George Mayson has been delivering “Beautiful Breasts” since 1999 and due to our extremely high standards of patient care and safety we have not seen a single adverse event during surgery over all those years.
  • Our Results: See how beautiful our results really are by visiting our Before/ After Galleries here
  • Our Consultations: We take great pride in the quality and length of our consultations, the likes of which you would be unlikely to find elsewhere. At the end of your 2-hour consultation, you will know EVERYTHING you need to know about Breast Augmentation in Melbourne.
  • Implants: We highly recommend the Proven-Safer Polyurethane Foam-Covered Silicone Implants and sadly you will find not all Surgeons offer these. These implants DRAMATICALLY reduce the risk of the 2 most common complications that can occur after Breast Augmentation. The safety benefits of these implants cannot be stressed enough! To find out more, click here
  • Costs: We appreciate everyone’s body is different and therefore offer different cost packages depending on YOUR choices. In any event, each cost option is still performed under the highest standards of patient safety, care and comfort in a fully-accredited hospital (no overnight stay required) with a Specialist Anaesthetist in constant attendance.

Make the first step toward achieving your goals today at Breast Excellence in Melbourne, where we specialise in Breast Augmentation Surgery.

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