The  Mistakes To Avoid  When Choosing Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

If you’re currently considering Breast Augmentation, you owe it to yourself to first read the following:

  1. Don’t choose a Cosmetic or Plastic Surgeon purely on formal qualifications – ask what experience they’ve had SPECIFICALLY in Breast Augmentation Surgery.
  2. Always research the Surgeon’s reputation in Breast Augmentation.   Any Doctor can insert an implant but it takes years of experience to consistently deliver beautiful results. Search Google and Social Media for reviews of your Surgeon.
  3. Don’t be content with a brief Initial Consultation because that only means you’re not getting ALL the information necessary to be able to make informed decisions.  We do all our consultations thoroughly and this is why we allocate the long time we do for all initial consultations!
  4. Your ENTIRE consultation should be with the Surgeon who’ll be doing your surgery.  If your consultation is largely by a Nurse or a Sales Consultant, question the surgeon’s commitment to you!
  5. Avoid Clinics that offer only  ONE brand of implant as they may be the cheapest.
  6. Avoid Clinics that offer only  ONE shape of implant e.g. Round because ‘Tear-Drop’ may give you a nicer and more natural ‘look’.    Ask to try on both so you can compare.
  7. Avoid Clinics that offer only  ONE approach e.g. via an incision under the breast – as you may be better suited to another approach.
  8. Avoid Clinics that promote  only ONE implant position, e.g. ‘in front of the muscle’ – this is the quickest technique but it can deliver a ‘stuck-on look’ in some patients.  Your best implant position needs to be carefully selected in order to deliver the most natural ‘look’ for you.
  9. Don’t consider a Clinic that doesn’t at least offer you the choice of Polytech’s  POLYURETHANE FOAM-COATED SILICONE IMPLANTS as they are not giving you the opportunity to dramatically reduce the risks of two of the commonest complications after Breast Augmentation that require  repeat surgery.
  10. Don’t settle on any implant size or shape that you haven’t tried on in a crop-top. Your surgeon should be handing you ALL the implant samples that suit your measurements so you can actually compare them in a crop-top before choosing the one that best gives the ‘look’ you like best.  And when it comes to the final choice, YOU should be the one making it, not your Surgeon.
  11. Don’t consider a Clinic that doesn’t carry out Pre-Operative Blood Tests to confirm you are fit to undergo surgery and anaesthesia. Having your consultation one day and surgery the next  doesn’t allow enough time for these important tests to be done.  We prefer at least 7 days between initial consultation and surgery to enable these tests to be carried out.
  12. Don’t choose your Surgeon before viewing their Before/After Photo Galleries.
  13. Look for patient reviews of your surgeon on Google and Social Media. And don’t be afraid to ask your Surgeon if he/she has ever been sued in Breast Augmentation.
  14. Don’t let anyone convince you to pre-pay your surgery before your consultation whether it be here or overseas.
  15. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that only the price of Breast Augmentation in Australia has dropped – in some clinics, the quality has dropped as well! Whereas the price for a top-quality Breast Augmentation by an experienced Surgeon will cost you upwards of $10,000, if you’re being quoted much less, ask yourself why.

Don’t be caught into spending less now and needing many times more dollars to fix a problem that could have been avoided –  and that’s provided it’s fixable!

Finally, if you can’t afford to have your Breast Augmentation by an experienced and reputable surgeon, the next best thing to do is wait until you can!

For a more detailed version of the above, DOWNLOAD your FREE copy of our Breast Augmentation ‘Consumer Awareness Guide’.



Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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