The 15 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

If you’re currently considering Breast Augmentation, you owe it to yourself to first read the following:

    1. Don’t choose a Cosmetic or Plastic Surgeon purely based on formal qualifications – ask what experience they’ve had SPECIFICALLY in breast augmentation surgery and how many cases they’ve done.
    2. Any Doctor can insert an implant. But it takes years of experience to consistently deliver beautiful results. Always consider the experience and reputation a Doctor has in Breast Augmentations. Search Google for reviews of your Doctor.
    3. Don’t settle for a brief consultation. If your consultation is less than 2 hours, it can only  mean you won’t be getting ALL the information you need to make the right decisions.
    4. If you’re offered a consultation with anyone other than the Surgeon who will do your surgery, question his/her commitment to you!
    5. Avoid Clinics offering only ONE brand of implant as they may be the cheapest.
    6. Avoid Clinics offering only ONE shape of implant, e.g. Round (the quickest shape to insert) because you are not being given choices.
    7. Avoid Clinics offering only ONE type of incision, e.g. only under the breast – as you may not get the best result.
    8. Avoid Clinics offering only ONE implant position, e.g. in front of the muscle (the easiest) as you may not get the best result.
    9. Don’t consider a Clinic that doesn’t offer you the choice of the PROVEN-SAFER POLYURETHANE SILICONE IMPLANTS as they are not giving you the opportunity to reduce the 2 most common complications that can occur after surgery.
    10. Don’t settle on any implant size or shape you haven’t tried on in a crop-top. Your Surgeon should hand you ALL the implant samples that suit your measurements so you can actually compare them in a crop-top. However, you as the patient should make the final choice.
    11. Don’t consider a Clinic who does not carry out pre-operative checks, e.g. blood tests to ensure your safety during surgery. Having your consultation one day and surgery the next does not allow sufficient time for proper pre-operative assessment.
    12. Don’t choose your Surgeon before researching their Before/After galleries.
    13. Don’t just rely on testimonials provided by Clinics.  Do your own research on the Surgeon. And don’t be afraid to ask your Surgeon if he/she has ever been litigated against, especially in breast surgery.
    14. Don’t let anyone convince you to pre-pay your surgery before your consultation whether it be here or overseas.
    15. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that the price of a quality Breast Augmentation in Australia has dramatically dropped – it’s the quality that’s dropped, not the price! The price for a quality Breast Augmentation by an experienced Surgeon will cost you around $11,000.  Anything much less needs to be questioned.

Don’t be caught into spending less now and needing much more to fix it –  and that’s if it is fixable!

Finally, if you can’t afford to have your Breast Augmentation with a reputable Clinic, the next best thing to do is to wait until you can!

For more detailed information on any of the points above, DOWNLOAD your FREE copy of our Breast Augmentation Awareness Guide here.