Your Unique 2-Hour Consultation!

Every patient at our Clinic is treated individually for the reason that we apply a very personalised approach when designing and customising your Breast Augmentation Surgery.

At your consultation, we will explain all your options and guide you through the whole process but still invite you to contribute to the overall designing of your surgery. In this way, you can feel confident that you’re making decisions that will best deliver the results you’re after.

And, because we give you so many choices, it’s impossible to have a ‘one size fits all’ price for all patients. Many clinics do this, but this is usually because they offer only one brand or type of implant, or one technique, or the same implant position, and so on. We, on the other hand, offer you choices in all those options!

As we are a quality clinic, we do not offer free consultations. So-called ‘free’ consultations offered by some clinics are usually very brief 15-20 min appointments conducted by a Nurse or Sales Consultant whose job is to sell you the procedure with or without a brief ‘look-in’ by the doctor!

So why do we offer 2 hours?

This is because Dr Mayson will:

  • take a detailed medical history & then a breast history; AND
  • conduct a breast examination including detailed measurements; AND
  • fully explain and discuss ALL aspects of Breast Augmentation; AND
  • give you suitable implants to view and compare in a crop top; AND
  • allow you enough time to select your implants in an unrushed manner ….

… which would be impossible to do thoroughly in less than 2 hours.

So, if you’re being offered a consultation any shorter it can only mean you’re NOT getting ALL the information you should be in order to make informed decisions, or are not being given enough time to view all your implant options before choosing.

On the contrary, after 2 hours with us, our patients walk out knowing everything they need to know about Breast Augmentation and rarely have any questions!

Customising and Designing Your Surgery

To best meet every patient’s objectives, each patient’s surgery is customised in terms of:

  • Implant brand (we do not offer cheap implant brands)
  • Implant type – Saline or Silicone-filled
  • Implant surface – Polyurethane Foam-Covered or Traditional (Smooth & Textured)
  • Implant shape – ‘Tear Drop’ or Round
  • Implant placement – ‘under the muscle’, ‘in front of the muscle’, dual plane, sub-fascial
  • Surgical technique/incision location – under the breast, through the armpit, peri-areolar.

Firstly, Dr Mayson will first take you through ALL the background information on Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants that will enable you to make the correct choices. Following this, Dr Mayson will take many detailed measurements of your breasts.

These measurements are essential to enable Dr Mayson to hand you all the implants that suit those measurements and which you can then insert one by one into a crop-top and actually see in our large mirror the result each can give you.

This is by far the very best way to choose the implant that will give you the ‘look’ you’re after. Choosing from a couple of implant samples on a doctor’s desk or letting the doctor choose the size for you is certainly NOT the way to do it!

The Cost of Your Surgery

For the reason that we offer so many choices, it’s impossible to have a ‘one price fits all’ for all patients.

The TOTAL cost of your surgery will be made up of:

  • Surgeon’s Fee (this will depend on the implant position & the surgical technique required)
  • Anaesthetist’s Fee
  • Cost of your selected Implants
  • Hospital Theatre Fee (this varies between different hospitals)
  • GST

Based on each of the above, Dr Mayson will give you a written and itemised quotation at the end of your Consultation.

In the meantime, if you require an approximate cost, please contact one of our friendly Clinical Advisors on 1300 73 63 53.

And remember, when considering price for your Breast Augmentation, you also need to consider quality. Cut-price usually means exactly that! Something is being cut out. And that ‘something’ could be the quality of the implants, the absence of an anaesthetist, not being done in the safety of a hospital, or a doctor less experienced in or new to breast augmentation surgery.

So, when considering where to have your surgery, compare quality and not just prices. Always remember that high quality surgery and cheap prices never go hand in hand!

Finally, we urge you to read our blog titled “What Price Should I Be Paying For A Breast Augmentation?” which explores the different pricing tiers in Breast Augmentation Surgery and what sort of experience and outcome you can expect at the different levels.

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