As a Clinic we do not offer finance, however a number of medical finance companies do exist and are available to be found online. These medical finance companies specialise in medical procedures and you would need to contact them directly.

The Costs of Your Surgery

For the reason that we offer so many choices, it’s impossible to have a ‘one price fits all’ for all patients.

Naturally, the TOTAL cost of your surgery will be made up of the following individual costs:

  • Surgeon’s Fee (this will depend on the implant position & the surgical technique required)
  • Anaesthetist’s Fee
  • Your selected implants
  • Hospital Theatre Fee (this varies between different hospitals)
  • GST

Based on each of the above, Dr Mayson will give you a written, itemised quotation at the end of your Consultation.

In the meantime, if you would like an approximate cost, please contact one of our friendly Clinical Advisors on 1300 73 63 53.

And remember, when comparing prices for Breast Augmentation, you also need to compare quality. Cut-price surgery usually means exactly that: something is being ‘cut out’!  And that ‘something’ could be the quality of the implants or a doctor less experienced in breast augmentation surgery.

So, when considering where to have your surgery, compare quality and not just price. Always remember that high quality surgery and cheap prices never go hand in hand!

Finally, we urge you to read our blog titled “What Price Should I Be Paying For A Breast Augmentation?” which explores the different pricing tiers in Breast Augmentation Surgery and what sort of experience and outcome you can expect at the different levels.

Click here to read the Blog.

Consultation Costs

1. Free Information Consultations

For patients wishing to learn more but are not yet ready to have a paid consultation with one of our Surgeons, we do offer Free Information Consultations with one of our knowledgeable Clinical Advisors. By In accordance with Medical Regulations, this cannot involve a medical examination or medical assessment. It is purely an information session for you to learn more about the procedure, get answers to all your general questions, and be guided as to which of our Surgeons you would need to see.  Finally, we’ll give you printed information to take away and read at home.

If you then wish to take it to the next step, you will need to book an appointment for a formal Medical Consultation with either our Cosmetic Surgeon or our Plastic Surgeon.


2. Surgeon Consultations

All Consultations with our Surgeons do involve a Consultation Fee.

So, why do experienced and reputable clinics such as ours charge for their doctor-consultations when others offer free consultations?

Simply because our consultations are lengthy, detailed and honest, Moreover, your entire consultation is with the Surgeon who’ll be doing your procedure and not by a nurse or other non-medical employee with only a brief ‘look in’ by the doctor – which we hear is so common nowadays!

Remember, it is only your surgeon who has the training and experience to:

  • determine if you are a suitable candidate
  • give you realistic expectations as to your likely results
  • explain which technique and implants are the most appropriate for your body
  • explain the potential risks
  • provide you with a written, itemised quotation as to costs

As with other professions, lengthy consultations such as these naturally involve a fee because you are paying for a professional’s time, knowledge, experience and advice –  and it would be unreasonable to expect that a lengthy, quality consultation should be free.

Our Surgical Consultation Fees

  • Dr George Mayson (Certified Cosmetic Surgeon):$330

    • 2 hours’ duration to design and customise your surgery.
  • Dr Sawjin Tew (Plastic Surgeon): $220