Trans-Axillary Technique (armpit approach)

The major advantage of this technique is the avoidance of any tell-tale scar anywhere on, under or around the breast making it a very worthwhile option for those who could feel self-conscious about a scar under the breast or for those with a tendency to pigmented scars – a risk with brown or Asian skin. Although any size fillable Saline implant can be inserted via this route, the small armpit incision only permits Round Silicone Implants up to a certain size to be inserted. Please note that Silicone ‘Tear Drop’ and Polyurethane Foam-Covered Silicone Implants cannot be inserted via this route.

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Please be aware that the photographs show the results of individual patients, that results in Breast Augmentation do vary with each individual and that there is no guarantee that other persons will experience the same or similar result.