Polyurethane Foam-Covered, Silicone ‘Tear-Drop’ Implants

‘Tear-Drop’ Implants can only be inserted through an incision ‘under the breast’ (Infra-mammary) as proper vertical alignment of the implant needs to be confirmed under direct vision. This gallery contains sample photos of the increasingly popular and PROVEN SAFER Polyurethane Foam-Covered Silicone ‘Tear-Drop’ Implants. The main advantage of ‘Tear-Drop’ implants over Round implants is that they allow a more natural, sloping breast profile from collar-bone down to nipple and the avoidance of a ‘stuck-on’ look from excessive fullness in the upper breast which can occur in some patients with Round Implants.

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Please be aware that the photographs show the results of individual patients, that results in Breast Augmentation do vary with each individual and that there is no guarantee that other persons will experience the same or similar result.