Asian Breast Augmentation

This section contains sample photos of Asian Breast Augmentation done in various ways and with different styles of implants. Note that although the patients have chosen different types of implants and location of incisions the common feature in all is the smaller SIZE of implant compared to those generally chosen by Western women.

Size is a very important consideration in Asian Breast Augmentation if one is to achieve an attractive and natural-looking result. Generally, Asian women have more petite figures and smaller breasts than do Western women. Accordingly, we believe that Asian patients should consider small to medium-sized implants rather than overly large ones in order to create a look that is attractive, feminine and natural as opposed to one that is disproportionately large and obviously ‘fake’.

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Please be aware that the photographs show the results of individual patients, that results in Breast Augmentation do vary with each individual and that there is no guarantee that other persons will experience the same or similar result.