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Asian Breast Augmentation – Essential Surgical Considerations

This is really just a ‘short and sweet’ article, but it’s a very important one.  We have many Asian patients who come to us because of our before and after gallery of Asian breast augmentations and there are two key reasons why we get such good results:

  1. We Offer Implants That Compliment Petite Figures

Asian women generally have smaller, more petite figures than Western women, so it’s very important that your surgeon offers you implants that are in proportion to your smaller frame to ensure at they will look more natural.

  1. We Offer the Armpit Approach

As there is a higher risk of pigmented scarring with brown or Asian skin, we offer the armpit approach of implant insertion in order to locate each scar within an armpit crease and so avoid any pigmented scars on or under the breast marring an otherwise beautiful result.

Take a look at our Asian Breast Augmentation Before and After Gallery to see what we are talking about.

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