About Our Clinic

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For your peace of mind you should know that:

  • We are no newcomers to Breast Augmentation. In fact, our Principal Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr George Mayson, has dedicated the last 20 years to creating not just bigger breasts but BEAUTIFUL breasts!
  • We are a small but dedicated team that loves what we do and want each and every woman to come back to us feeling absolutely fantastic about her new body!
  • Our dedication to cosmetic breast surgery is evident by us having a ‘breasts only’ website.
  • New patients often tell us that our website features one of the best portfolios of before/after photos they’ve ever seen!
  • You’ll also find all the information you’ve wanted to know in an easy-to- understand format.
  • Like ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, neither are beautiful breasts! Creating beautiful breasts requires many detailed measurements and meticulous planning by the surgeon.  Naturally, this takes time to do and that’s why we allocate 2 hours to every breast augmentation appointment. We know of no other clinic that offers 2hr breast appointments!
  • At the end of your 2-hour appointment you’ll not only know everything about breast augmentation you’ve wanted to know but also you’ll have had ample time to compare in a crop-top all the implant choices suitable for your body before choosing the ‘look’ you like best. This is how we achieve the impressive results we do!